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Homeowner and renters hammered by Tory failure

The SNP has said homeowners and renters are being "hammered by Westminster failure" - as interest rates rise to 4.25%; the highest level in fourteen years.

Commenting, SNP Economy spokesperson Stewart Hosie MP said:

"The Tories and pro-Brexit Labour Party have trashed the UK economy and they are forcing families to pay the price - as interest rates, inflation and household bills soar.

"Millions of homeowners and renters are being hammered by Westminster failure. With monthly costs going through the roof, it's essential that the UK government finally delivers urgent help to support people's incomes and prevent families losing their homes.

"It was deeply disappointing that neither the Tories, or the Tory-lite Labour Party, backed SNP calls for comprehensive support at the UK Budget - including our calls to cut energy bills, raise public sector pay, and boost economic growth by rejoining the EU.

"With none of the Westminster parties offering real change, it's clear independence is the only way for Scotland to escape Westminster control, rejoin the EU and build a strong, fair and prosperous economy."


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