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Following the leak of CCTV footage from the private office of the former UK Health Secretary, the SNP has ramped up the demand for answers.

SNP Shadow Cabinet Office Spokesman, Stewart Hosie, has written to the Minister for the Cabinet Office, Michael Gove, with nine separate questions questions unanswered by the Junior Cabinet Office Minister, Julia Lopez, last week.

Commenting, Stewart Hosie MP said:

“Firstly, it was shameful that Michael Gove was posted missing-in-action last week and failed to face the music in the Commons. That decision alone demonstrates the scant regard this Government pays to such a flagrant breach of security inside a senior Minister’s office.

“Most shamefully of all though, is the fact that this Tory government are not even able to tell us whether their CCTV systems a

re run or managed by private firms; if their staff have routine access to the feeds from those systems, or even what the vetting process is for such staff.

“The statement on Monday also covered the use of private emails and messaging systems by Ministers and I have asked for Michael Gove to confirm if it would be a crime to delete messages to private email addresses if they pertained to Government business.

“It is vital that they take this security breach seriously and stop playing fast and loose with Government information. It is incumbent on the UK government to report back as soon as the Health Department internal investigation is complete.”


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