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Tories playing politics over vaccine roll-out | Stewart Hosie

Stewart Hosie MP, the SNP's Shadow Cabinet Office Spokesman, said:

The attempts by Michael Gove to play politics with COVID backfired spectacularly today. In trying to score cheap points about the vaccine roll-out, he was shifty and evasive about his own government’s performance.

It was pointed out that the Scottish Government has '…followed the JCVI recommendation of prioritising care homes which takes longer due to the vulnerable nature of the population and we look at the figures for Scotland’s care homes compared to England’s care homes and actually things have been much better here.

And when asked to give the number of people who have been vaccinated in England’s care homes, Michael Gove was unable to do so.

Even when it was pointed out that over 95% of Scotland’s care home residents have actually been vaccinated, he remained unwilling or unable to say what the corresponding figure was elsewhere.

Michael Gove and his Tory government colleagues must listen more and talk less; stop trying to politicise the COVID vaccination programme and simply support those brilliant NHS staff and others who are working at full speed to make Scotland safe from this virus.


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