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Reports have indicated the hangover from the Tory-made cost of living crisis will last years, with families burdened by additional debt from the Christmas period.

StepChange, the UK based charity who released the report said debt taken on from Christmas led to a surge in enquiries from families and individuals, as additional findings from a BBC poll revealed a third of respondents are worried about their ability to repay credit.

Responding to the reports the SNP said the cost of living crisis showed no sign of stopping and urged the Tory UK government to step up, not roll back, support for families hit the hardest by added economic pressures.

Commenting, the SNP’s Economy spokesperson, Stewart Hosie MP said:

“Far from a short-term, temporary problem, these reports show quite clearly that the Tories’ cost of living crisis will last for years to come, punishing families and adding compounding pressures to household finances.

“Now is the time for the UK government to be stepping up, not rolling back, support for households hit the hardest by the economic woes created by the Tories.

“Sadly though all indications point to a sense of apathy from the Conservatives over the true extent of the damage, something low-income households will be made to pay the ultimate price for.

“Throughout this crisis Westminster has proved itself to be unwilling and unable to deal with the mess that has defined 2022 for individuals and households across the UK who’ve been left literally in the cold, facing dire financial choices.

“People in Scotland deserve better from a government that cares and will leave no stone unturned to support households through crises not of their making - they won’t get that with Westminster, only with the full powers of independence.”


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