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One in seven forced to share beds as cost of living bites

Independence is the only way to protect Scottish households, the SNP has warned, after new analysis found one in seven families are forced to share a bed because they couldn't afford another for their child.

The research, conducted by Barnardos, also found that nearly one in three parents (30%) are worried about being made homeless, while almost half (49%) are concerned about keeping their home warm.

The research comes alongside a survey from the consumer insight tracker 'Which?', who found almost one in 10 (9%) households have prioritised meals for other family members, with 4% using a food bank.

Moreover, the survey also 72% of households have turned their heating on less due to rising energy bills, 39% are using less hot water, and 19% are having fewer cooked meals.

Ahead of next weeks spring budget, the SNP has challenged the Chancellor to deliver a "comprehensive package of support" to households which must include slashing energy bills by £1,400.

Commenting, the SNPs Economy spokesperson, Stewart Hosie MP, said:

"The only way to protect Scottish households from the ongoing Tory-made cost of living crisis is through independence.

Scotland is an energy rich country, yet due to continued Westminster control continues to find itself fuel poor.

This latest analysis proves the lengths families are going to to support their loved ones. That is why it is vital the Chancellor delivers a comprehensive package of support next week to help household incomes, including slashing energy bills by £1,400.

But he shouldnt stop there. In line with the SNPs five-point plan, the Chancellor must raise public sector pay and benefits by CPI; reinstate the Triple Lock; rejoin the European Single Market; and commit to long-term investment in green growth.

However, regardless of what is announced next week, Scotland will continue to suffer under Westminster control.

The Tories have trashed the economy with Brexit, delivered devastating austerity cuts - while pro-Brexit Labour cheer them on from the sidelines.

That is why there can be no doubt that the only way to secure real and meaningful change for Scotland is through independence."


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