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BT pressed to commit to future in Dundee

BT are facing calls to reaffirm their commitment to Dundee following proposals to reduce their workforce.

In a letter to the company's Chief Executive, Stewart Hosie stressed the importance of BT to Dundee's local economy - with around 1,000 staff based at it's West Bell Street premises.

The Dundee East MP wrote: "Dundee is home to a large BT workforce. The company plays a key role in the local economy and the city would be devastated to see job losses here. I’d be grateful if you could reaffirm

BT’s commitment to Dundee and tell me that there will be no compulsory redundancies here."

Commenting Stewart Hosie said:

It’s disappointing to say the least that in the midst of a pandemic BT are even considering forcing redundancy on those who have helped keep the country running and connected over the last year.

Our manifesto for 2021 commits the SNP to “continue to call for the devolution of employment law to allow us to act, but in the meantime we will do all we can with our limited powers to protect employees from these practices in Scotland” however for as long as employment law is reserved the Scottish Parliament will remain largely powerless in helping to avoid situations like that, proving again that Scotland needs independence.



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