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World Cancer Day

Today (4th February) is World Cancer Day.

Commenting, Dundee East MP, Stewart Hosie said:

"Almost everyone has been affected by Cancer in some way, whether that be through their own diagnosis, or that of friends and loved one's. And it is important to recognise the toll living with Cancer, or seeing a loved one with Cancer can take, not just physically, but mentally.

That is why I was so happy to be able to meet with Maggie's at their centre at Ninewells recently. Based in a building that in itself instils hope and offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere, the team work incredibly hard to support those living with Cancer and their loved ones through what is an extremely difficult time, whether that be with counselling, light exercise classes, wig fitting, support groups and much more.

I was pleased to tour their fantastic building and hear all about the packed timetable of various free services they run, and in particular to hear about their Cancer in the Workplace programme where they offer advice and support to individuals, employers, and colleagues, on how best to support those affected by Cancer in their return to the workplace.

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