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Richard Leonard 'woefully out-of-touch'

Scottish Labour Leader, Richard Leonard, has been branded "woefully out-of-touch" following his claim that "a second independence referendum is unwanted by the people of Scotland."

The comments from Leonard followed those of Labour Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, who stated in Edinburgh that "if the Scottish people decide they want a referendum, that's for them".

On Monday a poll released by Lord Ashcroft showed that in an independence referendum 46% of Scots would vote yes compared to 43% for no. With don't knows removed support for independence rises to 52%.

Commenting, Dundee East MP, Stewart Hosie said:

"This is just yet more proof that Richard Leonard is woefully out-of-touch with the people he claims to represent."

"It begs belief that, 2 days after a poll showed majority support for independence, the Scottish Labour Leader would then claim that the people of Scotland don't want another referendum."

"John McDonnell's comments were, as the First Minister said, a statement of basic democracy. The future of the people of Scotland will be determined by the people of Scotland - not Richard Leonard, Boris Johnson, Ruth Davidson or any other who would seek to put Scotland back in its box."

"The Ashcroft poll isn't the only poll Leonard should be worried about. A recent poll of Scottish Labour members showed that 40% support independence and a majority would be in favour of the party working with the SNP. If Leonard isn't careful we may experience, yet another, Scottish Labour Leadership election very soon."


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