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52% of Scots want Independence

A majority of Scots now want independence according a new poll published by Lord Ashcroft and commissioned by Holyrood Magazine and Conservative Home.

46% of Scots would vote yes compared to 43% for no, with don't knows removed support for independence rises to 52%.

Commenting, Dundee East MP, Stewart Hosie said:

"This is an incredible poll and confirms what we have known for some time - that the people of Scotland do not want the hard no-deal Brexit Prime Minister Boris is set to impose upon us."

"It is no surprise that this is the case. Boris Johnson is one of the most unpopular Prime Minister's in recent history here in Scotland, evident by the welcome he received at Bute House from hundreds of protesters last week and the Tories consistently abysmal polling record."

"His party's tired rhetoric about the people of Scotland not wanting another referendum is evidently plain rubbish and shows just how out of touch Ruth Davidson and Boris Johnson really are."

"The chaos created by this out-of-touch Tory Government has outlined exactly why Scotland should be independent - because the decisions that will affect the people of Scotland should be made by the people who work and live here, not Boris Johnson."

"Polls in recent months have consistently shown that the people of Scotland would prefer independence over any form of Brexit. Now, with a majority of people saying they would vote Yes, the UK Government must take note and end their opposition to a second vote."

"If Boris can change his mind on Theresa May's withdrawal deal, voting both for and against, the people of Scotland should be allowed, 5 years later, to change their minds on independence."


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