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Trident vote shows Corbyn is all talk

A vote in the House of Commons celebrating 50 years of Trident Nuclear Weapons was passed overwhelmingly yesterday (10th April) after Labour MP’s, including Jeremy Corbyn, abstained.

The motion in the Prime Minister’s name passed 241-33 with only SNP, Green and Plaid Cymru MP’s voting against.

A majority of Scottish MP’s voted against the motion and have in the past voting against trident renewal. As well as this the Scottish Parliament also overwhelmingly oppose the weapons which are based on the Clyde at Faslane.

Dundee East MP, Stewart Hosie, criticised the Labour Leader who abstained, despite his supposed anti-nuclear stance.

Commenting Mr Hosie said:

“The vote last night shows two things: That firstly, Scotland’s voice is not listened to or respected in the House of Commons and that Jeremy Corbyn, despite talking the talk for years on Trident, cannot be trusted to vote against Nuclear Weapons never mind abolish them.”

“Last night presented an opportunity for Corbyn to reiterate his opposition to these weapons and to join with the SNP and other progressive parties to send a message that Nuclear Weapons are not wanted. Instead he sat on his hands, as he has done too many times.”

“Despite a majority of Scottish MP’s and the Scottish Parliament opposing the Nuclear Weapons based in the Clyde the UK Government have shown no willingness to listen to the voices of the people of Scotland and we will be forced to harbour Missiles for years to come.”


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