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Stewart Hosie backs £30,000 in 30 days campaign

For Immediate Release

Press Release - MP backs £30,000 in 30 days campaign

Dundee East MP Stewart Hosie has given his backing to Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland's £30,000 in 30 days campaign.

If successful the funds raised would pay for the continuation of their pilot Holistic Rehabilitation Support project which sees stroke survivors in Perth receive one-to-one support to help rebuild their lives after a stroke and would allow CHSS to look at rolling the project out to the whole of Tayside.

NHS Tayside are unable to support the funding of the project into 2019/20 so funds have to be raised by the end of March to ensure the scheme can continue.

The MP, who suffered from a transient ischaemic attack (TIA) in 2012, was eager to support the appeal and expressed his desire for the service to be rolled out to Dundee in the near future.

On Wednesday the Courier told the story of Irene who, in 2018, suffered a sudden stroke, taking from her the ability to read, write and walk. After meeting CHSS at Perth Royal Infirmary Irene received the one-to-one support necessary for her to be able to make a recovery and regain some of the independence she had before suffering the stroke.

Since the Pilot was launched the project has helped 32 people.

Commenting Stewart Hosie said:

"Reading Irene's story in the Courier (6th March) I was struck by how successful this scheme has been in ensuring survivors like Irene are able to recover and regain their independence after suffering such a devastating stroke."

"I sincerely hope that the funds can be raised to ensure the scheme continues so that survivors, like Irene, can receive vital support to get them back on their feet."

"If successful the fundraiser could also mean the project is rolled out to other parts of Tayside, including Dundee, which I hope can happen in the very near future."

Speaking of the urgent fundraising appeal, Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland’s Chief Executive Jane-Claire Judson said:

“We need everyone’s help right now to keep as many people as possible across Tayside benefiting from this incredible pilot project. £30,000 would make sure that we can keep this service going and expand our stroke service across the region."

"So many people’s lives are affected by this devastating condition – people like Irene whose stroke took away her independence."

"Please give what you can, hold a bake sale or a casual clothes day at work – with your help we’ll make sure there’s no life half lived in Tayside.”


You can donate to the appeal here:

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