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The Labour Party have come under heavy criticism after the controversial Immigration Bill passed through Parliament.

Last night 78 Labour MP's abstained in the vote leading to an easily avoidable defeat for the opposition.

Labour had initially planned to abstain in the vote before being forced into an embarrassing U-Turn after party member's and MP's criticised the plans. Labour whips eventually caved and told MP's to oppose the bill however only put a one-line whip in place meaning MP's weren't obliged to vote at all.

The bill passed 297 to 238. Only 178 of the 256 Labour MP's turned up to vote.

Among those also voting against the bill were the SNP, Plaid Cymru, The Liberal Democrats and some Conservative rebels.

Commenting Dundee East SNP MP Stewart Hosie said:

"As well as showing again the Conservative's intent to ignore and set aside the needs and the wishes of Scotland, last nights vote displayed once more how utterly pathetic the Labour Party are under Corbyn."

"The Bill, which would scrap freedom of movement across the EU, could've been defeated and the Government could've been dealt another embarrassing blow if Corbyn had only had the backbone to stand up to it. Instead, yet again, he and his party were complicit in the introduction of a nasty and backwards Conservative policy."

"Freedom of Movement is so important to Scotland's economy. I was extremely concerned to read earlier today that fruit farms in and around my constituency are considering closing down their fruit and vegetable operations due to a lack of seasonal workers and fears over the future."

"The UK Government, and indeed the Labour Party, must join with us in protecting freedom of movement if they want to prove that they are paying attention to what Scotland wants and needs."


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