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Stewart Hosie signs no-confidence motion

Stewart Hosie MP has signed a motion of no confidence in the UK Government following the defeat of the Prime Minister's Brexit deal, the biggest defeat in UK Parliamentary History.

The House of Commons voted 432 to 202 against the deal which the Prime Minister has spent the last 2 years negotiating. The catastrophic defeat is the latest in a serious of embarrassments for the Prime Minister who, in December last year, faced a vote of no confidence from her own MP's.

Commenting Stewart Hosie said:

"Last night proved, once again, that the Prime Minister's deal barely has the support of her own party never-mind Parliament."

It’s time for her to go. That’s why I have signed a vote of no confidence motion in this shambolic Tory Government.

"With only 72 days until the withdrawal date is is frankly embarrassing, and a little frightening, that we still don't know what kind of Brexit we will have."

"The only way to end this deadlock is to revoke article 50 and take this back to the people in a second referendum with 'Remain' on the ballot paper."

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