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Dundee MPs reaffirm Brexit vote position

Both Dundee MPs have reaffirmed their positions against the UK Government’s Brexit deal, following confirmation that the vote on the deal will take place on Tuesday 15th February.

Dundee MP’s Stewart Hosie and Chris Law have both confirmed their plans to vote against the deal, which would see the UK taken out of the single market and customs union, and have called on the Prime Minister to back a second referendum on EU membership.

Commenting Stewart Hosie said:

“The Prime Minister’s handling of these negotiations has been shambolic from day one. She has, time and time again, ignored the will of the people, particularly in Scotland where every single local authority voted remain in 2016. This is quite evident in her draft Brexit deal where Scotland isn’t even mentioned.”

“The Prime Minister’s approach to this is totally out of touch with public opinion. Support for a people's vote, and for remaining in the EU, has never been higher. When the Prime Minister loses the vote next Tuesday I hope she recognises the futility in trying to appease the hard right brexiteers in her own party and goes back to the people with a second referendum; A referendum with ‘Remain’ on the ballot paper.”

“The deal lacks the support of Parliament and even large chunks of her own party, a second referendum is now the only option.”

“Her deal is not even a negotiated agreement, rather it is a political wish list which leaves too many unanswered questions; it ends freedom of movement and it will result in reduced trade and productivity. I cannot support the withdrawal plan – as both the UK and Scottish Government’s own assessments demonstrate, Scotland and its people will be poorer.”

Dundee West MP Chris Law said: “Last month I said I would not vote for a deal that would leave my constituents, my city or my country poorer, and I do not see how this deal is an improvement upon what was offered to MPs then. This “new” deal would still leave livelihoods on the line and the life prospects of thousands up in the air.

“My constituents have made it overwhelmingly clear through the hundreds of emails and letters I’ve received and conversations I’ve had that they are not only against this Brexit deal, but now want a second referendum on the issue of EU membership, that must include the option to remain in the EU.”


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