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Dundee East MP Stewart Hosie and Dundee West MP Chris Law have urged members of the public to help stock Dundee Foodbank following a recent shortage. Dundee Foodbank has recently seen a sharp increase in the number of food parcels given out, largely due to the summer holidays, and has issued an appeal asking for more donations.

In particular the foodbank has requested more donations of:

- pasta sauces

- tinned fish (especially tuna)

- tinned fruit

- tinned puddings (especially custard and rice puddings)

- UHT milk (especially whole and semi-skimmed)

Over the years Dundee has seen a dramatic increase in the number of people turning to food banks for help, which can largely be attributed to the rollout of Universal Credit in the area.

Both Dundee MPs have appealed to the public to give generously and have promised use of their shared office at 8 Old Glamis Road in Dundee as a collection point for any donations to the foodbank.

As well as handing in donations to the foodbank and the Parliamentary Office on 8 Old Glamis Road people can donate at collection points at the following locations:

-Tesco Riverside

-Tesco South Road

-Asda Milton

-Asda Kirkton

-Sainsburys Dundee

Commenting Dundee East MP Stewart Hosie said:

“This is extremely concerning, especially given that so many people rely on Dundee Foodbank for help.”

“It is scandalous that in this day and age so many people are forced into relying on foodbanks for their basic necessities. The UK Government should be ashamed of their policies which have driven so many into destitution and have created such a reliance on charities and third sector organisations such as Dundee Foodbank.”

“Dundee is a city known for its generosity therefore I hope people will continue to do what they can to help. No one should have to go to bed hungry or worry about where their next meal is going to come from or when they can next expect to eat.”

“I am happy to offer space in my office to collect donations for Dundee foodbank. Constituents can also discuss any ongoing problems with Universal Credit and other benefits with my team and I at any time throughout the week by emailing me or calling my office.”

Commenting Dundee West MP Chris Law said: “We have seen how changes to the benefits system such as Universal Credit have had an adverse effect especially on the lives and finances of claimants, and foodbank use is sadly on the rise not just in Dundee but across the country.”

“Dundee Foodbank do excellent work helping those in need, particularly during pressing times, but that work relies on the sustained support of members of the Dundee community.” “I am happy to help offer a space along with Stewart Hosie to collect goods for the foodbank. Constituents can also discuss any ongoing problems with Universal Credit and other benefits with my team 10am-4pm weekdays.”

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