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Dundee East MP Stewart Hosie has described his anger and disgust at the Conservatives and Labour for their failure to protect the Scottish Parliament and stop a blatant powergrab.

Last night the House of Commons voted on the EU Withdrawal bill, which would not only seek to take Britain out of the EU but would strip several powers from the Scottish Parliament and hand them over to Westminster.

An amendment, tabled by the SNP, sought to ensure that the powers would stay with the Scottish Parliament and that the devolution settlement was respected. In the 15 minutes allocated for the debate not a single Scottish MP was heard and the debate was filibustered by an English Conservative MP.

When Ian Blackford, SNP Group leader in Westminster, asked what options are open to MPs from Scotland for a proper debate on devolution and Brexit, Conservative MP Ian Liddell- Grainger shouted “Suicide” from the backbenches.

Commenting Stewart Hosie MP said:

“Last night only 15 minutes were allowed to debate the Tories powergrab. In that 15 minutes no Scottish MPs were called to speak and the "debate" was filibustered by an English Tory MP.”

“It just goes to show, once more, the conservatives utter contempt for the people of Scotland and our democratically elected parliament.”

“The vote was a real opportunity for the Labour party – who are usually so quick to claim credit for devolution – to prove to the people of Scotland that they are on their side and have the backbone to stand up to the Tories but as usual they sat on their hands and allowed the Conservatives to force through their undemocratic proposals.”



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