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Last week I joined my SNP colleague Chris Law MP in visiting the PDSA hospital in Dundee.

The PDSA recently announced their introduction of a reduced cost service for those who are in receipt of numerous benefits, in addition to their existing free service for those on Housing Benefit, Universal Credit with Housing element or Council Tax Support.

Those who can benefit from the reduced cost service include those on Child Tax or Working Tax Credits, Universal Credit without housing elements, Pension Credit, Job Seeker’s Allowance, Income Support, ESA, Disability Living Allowance, Personal Independence Payments, or a combination of any number of these benefits. State-retired pensioners who are householders in Council Tax Bands A-D are also eligible for the reduced cost service.

I was thoroughly impressed, not just by the facilities but by the dedication and commitment of the staff there. It is quite obvious that the vets and nurses care deeply about the animals and their owners, I’m happy to see this scheme being rolled out which will help pets and their owners across the city even more.

The PDSA is a fantastic charity and one that is well worth our support, I would encourage everyone to try and support them in what way they can. Last year alone, the Dundee centre treated 4,000 pets in over 20,000 procedures.

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