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Dundee East MP Stewart Hosie MP has backed a call for the introduction of a Polish Heritage Day to the calendar of regular events in Scotland.

The idea is to organise a wide range of events promoting Poland during the first weekend after Poland’s Constitution Day – 3 May.

The first Polish Heritage Day is planned for 6-7 May and will be coordinated by the Polish consulates in London, Birmingham and Edinburgh.

In a letter to Polish organisations in the UK, Polish Ambassador Arkady Rzegocki wrote that the position of the almost one-million-strong Polish community is not commensurate to the country’s extraordinary potential.

“By demonstrating to our neighbours our openness, tolerance, commitment and friendly attitude, we are overcoming the stereotypes and display our resolve to have a say on how the affairs of our neighbourhoods are run,” Rzegocki wrote.

The organisers of the Polish Heritage Day hope that groups of Poles, as well as Polish organisations, schools and parishes will come up with special events across the UK, and that on 6-7 May, Polish national flags will be displayed in Polish homes and, in cooperation with local authorities, also on public buildings.

Stewart Hosie MP said: "I am delighted to support the idea of a Polish Heritage Day. The contribution the Polish community has made to Dundee, both economically and culturally, is enormous and we cherish the links between our countries and our peoples."

Councillor Kevin Cordell added: "Scotland's links with Poland go back centuries and I am more than happy to support Polish Heritage Day - that is why I have written to Dundee City Council's Chief Executive requesting we fly the Polish flag on these days to mark the occasion."

Courier 24.02.17

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