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Shona Robison MSP and Stewart Hosie MP have this week expressed their concern and disappointment about a constituent’s ‘Child Tax Credit debt’ which has been passed onto a private debt collector whilst it is still under dispute.

Shona Robison, MSP for Dundee City East commented: “I have been helping my constituent since HMRC wrote to them claiming that they had been overpaid in Child Tax Credits by nearly £1000. I wrote with the information provided by my constituent, asked for HMRC to review this case and requested that all letters demanding repayment cease until the review into this situation is carried out and settled with the constituent.

“I am disappointed that this hasn’t been honoured and that HMRC have now deemed it appropriate to pass it onto a private company to follow up.”

Stewart Hosie, MP for Dundee East added: “I was appalled when I was informed that while my constituent thought that their case was under review with HMRC, they received a demanding letter from a private debt collector. These are bully-boy tactics and I would expect better from a government body.

“I have written to Edward Troup, Executive Chair and Permanent Secretary of HMRC, about this case and have not only asked for answers, but have also asked for an assurance that these tactics are stopped, and a guarantee that no letters demanding repayment are sent while a dispute is on-going.”

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