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Work experience at Dundee Parliamentary Office

Politics has always been a topic of great interest to me, but recently I have been keen to get involved and find out a bit more about the work of our Dundee representatives. So then, following a suggestion from one of my teachers, I contacted the local parliamentary office to see if I could spend a week or two of my holidays on work experience.

And here I am now, on the last day of my placement at their office on Old Glamis Road.

Over the course of two weeks I have done a range of tasks, from research projects, to going on visits with the MSPs and MPs, to answering the door and dealing with the public, and I have gained a real insight into politics at a constituency level. It has been a really great experience and I was lucky enough to meet three of the politicians, including having a discussion with StewartHosie, who taught me a bit more about the work of an MP and offered some useful advice. I was also able to go out and shadow Maryfield Councillor, Lynne Short for a day and it was really good to be able to experience the types of things that a councillor does as part of their job.

Overall it has been a really valuable and enjoyable work placement.

Stewart Hosie MP commented “It has been great having Tegan on work experience, she has been a fantastic help here in the office and we were happy to give her this opportunity. It’s always refreshing to see more young people taking an interest in politics, and I would urge anyone else who wants to share Tegan’s experience to get in contact with our office.”

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