8 Jun 2017

The polls are now open!

Only the SNP can beat the Tories in Scotland. Voting for any other party risks splitting the anti-Tory vote, and letting the Tories in the back door.

Make sure you vote today and make your voice heard.

#VoteSNP #VoteHosie #GE17


7 Jun 2017

📽 Watch my final speech of the general election. Now more than ever, it is vital we have strong SNP voices standing up for Scotland at Westminster, only then can we protect Scotland from the dangers of an unopposed Tory government. So be sure to vote SNP tomorrow and...

5 Jun 2017

We have a huge opportunity in the last few days to make sure that we stop uncontrolled Tory rule - we can lock the Tories out of power.

I'm asking every single SNP supporter in the constituency to come out and vote SNP on Thursday - only the SNP can stop the Tories.


3 Jun 2017

Fantastic reception for the last street stall before the election!

Lots still to do so if you can help with the final push, please call 01382 903210.

#VoteSNP #VoteHosie #GE17

2 Jun 2017

It is the last Saturday before the election and we will be setting up our street stalls tomorrow across the constituency.

There are also lots of letters to be delivered over the weekend and these can be collected from the SNP Office on Old Glamis Road at 10.30am and 1pm...

30 May 2017

I am asking for your support to return lots of hardworking SNP MPs to Westminster so we can provide a barrier between uncontrolled Tory Government and the Scottish people.

So we can say yes to more powers for Scotland, no to more austerity, no to more cuts and no to a h...

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