8 Jun 2017

The polls are now open!

Only the SNP can beat the Tories in Scotland. Voting for any other party risks splitting the anti-Tory vote, and letting the Tories in the back door.

Make sure you vote today and make your voice heard.

#VoteSNP #VoteHosie #GE17


7 Jun 2017

Now more than ever, Scotland needs strong SNP voices at Westminster. Find your polling station by going to https://www.vote.scot
🗳 Vote SNP tomorrow, for strong voices that will stand against Tory cuts. #VoteSNP#GE17

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6 Jun 2017

A vote for the SNP is a vote for: 
⛔️ ending austerity 
💷 a real Living Wage of over £10
🏥 investment in our public services, not new nuclear weapons


5 Jun 2017

We have a huge opportunity in the last few days to make sure that we stop uncontrolled Tory rule - we can lock the Tories out of power.

I'm asking every single SNP supporter in the constituency to come out and vote SNP on Thursday - only the SNP can stop the Tories.


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