27 Sep 2017

📈 New figures show Scotland is moving forward under the SNP. Here's how.


5 Sep 2017

🎥 Here are just 7 things you need to know about the SNP's new Programme for Government.


11 Aug 2017

Dundee Technology Enabled Care is highlighting a very useful online tool, produced by the Scottish Government, which helps people and/or their families discover what technology might be available to let them live independently and safely in their own homes.

So if you ar...

28 Jun 2017

🎥 Watch Nicola Sturgeon's statement on Scotland's future in full here.


12 Apr 2017

Unemployment is falling in Scotland - below the UK rate - and on female and youth unemployment we're outperforming the UK.

Read Economy Secretary Keith Brown on the strengths of Scotland’s economy – and our action to make it stronger still: 


23 Feb 2017

The UK Government’s lack of action to mitigate the impact of rising business rates in England is a serious concern, and it is clear that the UK government need to start looking at the actions of the Scottish Government.

Reports suggest that half a million businesses in...

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