10 Jan 2018

📽️ Scotland was promised a "powers bonanza" but now the Tories are rolling back on their pledges. It's clear, the Tories promise Scotland everything and deliver nothing. #PMQs

20 Dec 2017

📽️ It's time for Theresa May to finally show some leadership and protect communities faced with losing the last bank in town. #PMQs


15 Nov 2017

It's clear the Tories are the party of the super-rich. They need to take stronger action on tax avoidance and evasion.

Read more: https://www.snp.org/pb_what_is_the_snp_doing_to_tackle_tax_avoidance

14 Nov 2017

Next week's Tory budget must end austerity and deliver fair funding for Scotland.

⬇ Here's our demands for the Chancellor.


18 Oct 2017

Agree with Mhairi Black?

✍️ Sign our petition today and send a message to Tory Ministers: halt Universal Credit now. https://www.snp.org/haltuniversalcredit


18 Oct 2017

✍️ Ian Blackford calls on Theresa May to reveal the UK Government's Brexit analysis showing Scotland will be worst hit. Sign the petition: http://www.snp.org/brexit


11 Oct 2017

🎥 Ian Blackford MP asked Theresa May to do what's best for the UK and keep us in the Single Market and Customs Union. She didn't answer.


6 Sep 2017

The Prime Minister must stop dancing to the tune of her right wing backbenchers and apologise for the disgraceful treatment her government has shown migrants in the UK. #PMQs


13 Jul 2017

The UK government Repeal Bill fails to return any powers to Holyrood. Get the facts in just 200 words.


6 Jul 2017

"We can find a billion pounds for a deal to cling to power but we cannot find the money to give women the pensions that they are due."

Mhairi Black MP says it is "laughable" that the government cannot find money to pay pensions to women affected by the changes in the 19...

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