17 Jan 2018

🎥 Ian Blackford MP: Leaving the Single Market will cost over £2000 per person and could jeopardise thousands of jobs. The Prime Minister is more concerned with appeasing the extreme right of her party.

20 Dec 2017

📽️ It's time for Theresa May to finally show some leadership and protect communities faced with losing the last bank in town. #PMQs


13 Dec 2017

📽️ Theresa May should stop trying to pass the buck and instead start standing up for communities facing the loss of the last bank in town. #PMQs


6 Dec 2017

📽️ Ian Blackford MP: "This is a Prime Minister in office but not in power." #PMQs

29 Nov 2017

Mhairi Black MP demands answers, not obfuscation, from the UK government over their refusal to give #WASPI women the pensions they were promised. #PMQs


22 Nov 2017

🎥 Ian Blackford MP challenged the Prime Minister about thousands of jobs being lost due to Brexit. She didn't answer. #PMQs


18 Oct 2017

✍️ Ian Blackford calls on Theresa May to reveal the UK Government's Brexit analysis showing Scotland will be worst hit. Sign the petition: http://www.snp.org/brexit


11 Oct 2017

🎥 Ian Blackford MP asked Theresa May to do what's best for the UK and keep us in the Single Market and Customs Union. She didn't answer.


6 Sep 2017

The Prime Minister must stop dancing to the tune of her right wing backbenchers and apologise for the disgraceful treatment her government has shown migrants in the UK. #PMQs


5 Jul 2017

📽 Ian Blackford MP calls on Theresa May to finally give workers a pay rise, but she refuses to say so.

📝 Read about the Scottish Government's plans from next year to lift the public sector pay cap, ensuring that public sector pay increases better reflect rising l...

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